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candles in the wind

I have to admit, sometimes feminism hurts my head.

I’ve been trying really hard to read anything that comes across my dash and to understand it, but it’s like, there’s these things I can’t grasp. It’s like, there’s all these things we SHOULD believe. And we get angry when other people don’t believe them. But then we have to accept that, and accept everyone, and yet we SHOULD be thinking this way and that way and is my brain slow or.. idek.

Are we supposed to get angry when we look at something like a television show and see women treated wrongly? Or do we accept that female’s worldview and support her because she’s a female? I don’t… understand. I don’t understand a lot. One of the big things in this is like, when people talk about females in television. We aren’t supposed to belittle Liz Lemon, I get that. But what about other female worldviews on tv. What about Whitney? She thinks she’s being empowering to ladies. Obviously it’s a big difference from 30 Rock, but do we speak out against that or do we protect her because of the ~no wrong way to be a feminist~ view?

I just. I don’t understand and I’m struggling with what you’re supposed to accept and what you’re supposed to be against. If there is no wrong way to be a feminist, then what is feminism? I don’t… get it.

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Posted on 27 December 2011
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  1. thechargingsky said: Don’t belittle them solely because they’re women. You can criticize Whitney and there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as it’s not because of her gender. It’s not anti-feminist at all as long as it’s not coming from a misogynistic POV
  2. demarches said: i will help you with feminist questions if you’d like! i’m clearly not the world renowned expert but i have been working on it for a long time which can be helpful sometimes?
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