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caity, 24, nyc.
leslie knope is priority.

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candles in the wind

womptacular: you seem really fantastic. i really admire how you moved to nyc, because it's my dream too (it's a bit harder because i'm in canada, i'll get there!) i adore your love of broadway, disney & especially comedy. i'm jealous that you get to go to ucb, & i'm even jealous of your job because you get to say you work at nbc. believe in yourself & what you want because you are very talented gah feelings explosion tl;dr: i admire you & would love to know you better i think we'd get along this is awks

thank you. i’m sort of at a crappy point right now (literally just the last hour, sigh) so this was nice to read, and i’m sorry i don’t have more enthusiasm in answering. but this is extremely nice and thanks a lot :)

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Posted on 20 January 2013
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