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candles in the wind

my improv teacher sent me an email complimenting how i did in the show yesterday and apologizing for not saying it in the rush of notes after the show and said “it felt wrong not to let you know” and i’m basically crying??

i’ve never done well enough in improv to really receive praise from teachers. maybe in one or two levels in chicago i earned the affection of my classmates, but more often than not, teachers could tell i was anxious and always did that “i want to see you get out there more!” encouragement that always made me feel kind of bad because i’m not silly and i know that means i’m not doing what i should be

its entirely true that he could have sent out emails to everyone but also he’s never emailed any of us and somehow sent my email to a different one than i used for class emails (it was the one i used to pay for the class, meaning he took the time to look it up at ucb), and it includes a specific scene where i came out as one character and the person in my scene marked me as something else and i went with it and ugh


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Posted on 17 March 2013
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  1. daenerysknope said: yay!! :)
  2. andyslittlesister said: This is awesome! So happy for you.